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Click the Capitol to learn more about Project Sparrow Hawk

Even if you look closely at the picture above about all you can be certain of is that three people  are standing on what appears to be the dome of the Alabama State Capitol and the one in the middle seems to be holding something. Click the picture to find out what's going on.

The photo to the right shows AWCA President Charles Kennedy about to climb a ladder to place wood chips in a kestrel house. Looks rather dangerous! Why do you suppose he would even think about doing such a thing? Well he forgot to put the wood chips in the house before he came down the ladder. So why did he put the house up there in the first place? Easy answer. Kestrels don't have as many hollow trees to nest in as they once did. This and other problems have greatly reduced the numbers of kestrels nesting in Alabama, especially in the southern counties. Placing birdhouses is a key to helping the American Kestrel make a comeback in South Alabama.The house in the picture is on the Alabama River at Robert F. Henry Lock and Dam in Lowndes County.

Click the ladder to learn more about Project Sparrow Hawk

To learn more about American Kestrels and Project Sparrow Hawk click the ladder.


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