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Silos come in many sizes and shapes. Some tall, some short. Some with a roof, some with a clear view of the sky from inside. Some stand in barnyards, relics of days long gone. Many preside over field or forest and on a misty Silos Come In Many Sizes and Shapes.morning resemble the remains of a turret on a time worn castle. Most were abandoned, long ago replaced by improved structures for storing grain. Some are inhabited by pale white ghosts that take the form of owls. These are the ones we are looking for! The ghosts need help!

Many abandoned silos can accommodate Barn Owls for roosting. Few are suitable for nesting. The purpose of Project Silo is to locate abandoned silos that are being used by Barn Owls for roosting and install a next box in them.

The silo pictured here is the most common type found in our project area. All of the silos that have owl boxes installed look like this one. If you own a silo or know of one in your area that may be available for a Barn Owl nest box contact us to discuss the possibilities of including the silo in our project. Use the contact us link above to find out how to reach us.

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