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Alabama Bluebird Highways - Highway 14 

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This is by far our most ambitious project. The completion of the Alabama Bluebird Highways Project will require the support, participation, and cooperation of many organizations, state agencies and individuals. Highway 14 has been selected as our first Alabama Bluebird Highway. Our goal is to install at least one bluebird house on each mile of Highway 14. Highway 14 passes through Autauga County and this is the first section we will complete. In this phase of the project we will basically learn how to most effectively implement the project. When Autauga County is complete we will begin to implement the project in other counties that Highway 14 passes through. These counties are Pickens, Greene, Perry, Dallas, Elmore, Tallapoosa, and Lee. Click the small map to the left to see a more detailed map of the route Highway 14 follows across the state. If you live in Autauga county you can help! To find out how contact AWCA Projects Chairman Tommy Pratt: by email -  by phone - 334 365-5671. If you live in one of the other counties, stay in touch, we will be calling on you soon. When Highway 14 is completed we will begin work on selected highways in North and South Alabama.

Are you working on your own bluebird highway?
Take a look at out Bluebird Management Guide if you have questions.

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